College, Career, Military Readiness (CCMR) Special Interest Group



The CCMR SIG will convene community members to:

  1. Provide input into and feedback on the Alliance’s work to support CCMR use cases in the data standard and technology through delivery of a CCMR-focused starter kit.
  2. Discuss the current source data availability to answer these CCMR questions.
  3. Confirm priorities in the college, career, and military components of CCMR.
  4. Confirm end user roles that will benefit from using the CCMR Starter Kit.


Meetings will begin in August.


In today’s global economy students are facing higher expectations and competition for college and careers. To ensure student success and economic mobility for all, schools’ learning pathways must be aligned with expectations for what constitutes readiness for college, for career and workforce, and for military service upon graduation.

Several key issues have been identified:

  • Varying state requirements for CCMR
  • The need to bring together interoperable data from SIS's, from assessment providers, possibly from other institutions, and possibly from students
  • The need for metrics that allow secondary school staff members to assess groups of students and individual students' readiness, or on/off track status as early/proactively as possible
  • The need to make this data actionable, so that school staff can prioritize offerings, support, and interventions to bridge gaps in CCM readiness

More Detail

A detailed version of the goals and supporting activities will follow.

Current Members