API Standard SIG 2023


With Project Meadowlark gaining steam, the ODS/API continuing to strengthen, and non-traditional API hosts exploring new models using an Ed-Fi API, the time has come for revising and reforming the definition of "an Ed-Fi API".

The Ed-Fi Alliance has formal API Guidelines, in addition to the Data Standard. Last revised in 2019, we have an opportunity to turn the guidelines and into an API Standard, while answering the question: what does it mean to be an Ed-Fi compliant API? 


API hosts, consumers, and data producers. That is, anyone with a stake in ensuring or proving consistency of API implementations.


  1. Update the text of the API Guidelines, including removal of (most) references to XML.
  2. Revisit must have, should have, and could have requirements to ensure they are in sync with common usage. For example, if in practice a "should have" feature is used on a daily basis, perhaps it needs to become a "must have" feature.
  3. Define requirements for metadata endpoints, and refine requirements for descriptors.
  4. Consider renaming to "API Standard".

And other topics arising from participants' suggestions.


Attendees represent the following organizations, in addition to the Ed-Fi tech team.

  • ACT
  • CPSI
  • Denver Public Schools
  • EdGraph
  • Edsembli
  • Education Analytics
  • Edupoint
  • EdWire
  • Indiana INSite
  • Infinite Campus
  • Keen Logic
  • JMC
  • NW Regional ESD
  • PowerSchool
  • Renaissance
  • South Carolina Dept of Education
  • Skyward


Table of Contents