Student Information Systems SIG


The purpose of the Student Information Systems SIG is to get feedback from SIS systems that can be used to is to improve the Ed-Fi API standards and the open-source Ed-Fi technology. It will assist the Ed-Fi effort in prioritizing changes that can have the greatest impact on adding efficiency to development and operation of Ed-Fi-based data exchange by these systems. The SIG also seeks to provide a forum for SIS vendors to share best practice that can lower costs for SIS systems and raise the level of community benefits from Ed-Fi-based data exchange.


The goals of this SIG:

  1. Provide input on Ed-Fi standards and Certification, to help ensure these reflect SIS capabilities and industry best practice. 
  2. Provide input on the open-source Ed-Fi technology roadmap, to help ensure its features support needs critical to SIS systems and the vendor community more broadly (e.g., specific authorization configuration, API performance or performance monitoring, roadmap and release practices, etc.)
  3. Identify community best practice and assist the Ed-Fi Alliance in monitoring and improving alignment to Ed-Fi standards. This includes suggesting ways to monitor and improve the alignment of state and other Ed-Fi-based specifications with Ed-Fi's standards, and includes proposing improvements to programmatic work of the Alliance with State Education Agencies, Managed Service Providers, System Integrators and other to align the community to reflect and align to best practice.
  4. Serve as a community-of-practice for SIS systems to learn from each other, especially but not exclusively in the area of Ed-Fi support.

Participation & Members

Participation in this SIG is open to any certified Ed-Fi SIS systems.