Record Level Ownership in the Ed-Fi ODS

Field implementations in the Ed-Fi ecosystem have come across the need for record-level ownership in the Ed-Fi ODS / API. These needs seem to stem from authorization use cases important in local contexts. As the Ed-Fi ODS / API primarily uses a relationship-based authorization strategy based on education organizations, there is sometimes a lack of the granularity necessary to meet all desired use cases.

Record level ownership has been proposed by the Arizona DOE as a general purpose solution to this situation. An initial proposed design was surfaced to the Technical Advisory Group for consideration (see February 2019 meeting notes and the attached deck). The proposal is framed as a set of optional elements to the Ed-Fi ODS / API (i.e. they could be turned off if not needed).

The TAG and the Alliance, pulling from knowledge of other field work, perceived that there are likely similar use cases and designs present in the ecosystem.

The goals of this Special Interest Group are to convene community experts to:

  • discuss the design proposed by Arizona DOE for record level ownership and authorization in the Ed-Fi ODS / API, and provide recommendations on implementation or alternative designs
  • consider if there are adjacent use cases that could leverage the same model, and invite community members with similar use cases to participate in the design recommendations so as to maximize the possibility that a record level ownership options would be broadly useful and become part of Ed-Fi core technology


  • Ben Meyers, Double Line
  • Britto Augustine, Arizona DOE
  • Audrey Shay, Wisconsin DPI
  • Thomas Christensen, Wisconsin DPI
  • Dirk Bradley, KRESA/Michigan Data Hub
  • Don Dailey, KRESA /Michigan Data Hub
  • Jason Fitzpatrick, SalesForce
  • Vinaya Mayya, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Stephen Fuqua, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Sayee Srinivasan, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Eric Jansson, Ed-Fi Alliance


2019-03-13 Meeting

2019-03-26 Meeting