Ed-Fi Dashboards v2.0 Release


The goal of this group is to provide feedback on needs and processes for adopting the Ed-Fi Dashboards v2.0 upgrade. The work will assist the Alliance and community in the release plan and the development of ancillary materials. 


  • Reese Robinson, Delaware DOE
  • Don Daily, Michigan TRIG Project
  • Travis Paakki, Portland Public Schools
  • Holly Glover, Arkansas DOE
  • Abigail Rose, Pennsylvania DOE
  • Brittany Blaze, Yes Prep Public Schools


  • Chris Moffatt, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Itzel Torres, Ed-Fi Alliance


The activities of the SIG will center around three webinars, where core information will be presented, followed by discussion and feedback.

WebinarWebinar Info

Webinar 1: ETL Metric Dashboards v2.0 Overview

Tuesday 3/22/16

Webinar 2: Dashboards v2.0 Demo

Tuesday 4/5/16

Webinar 3: Managing Extensions

Tuesday 4/19/16

Close out Summary

Improved Performance 

  • Dashboard data is available next business day for 1M student data set runs.
  • Efficient data reads/writes.

Improved Error Handling

  • Error logging is configurable by severity levels.
  • Data exceptions do not stop a build, error handling service logs exception data without attempting to write.
  • ETL Log database includes error data and exception detail to help troubleshoot.

Build Reliability

  • Data issues from one district, a student or a school do not affect other groups.

Maintainable / Extensible Dashboards

  • New configuration options, less reliance on custom code for simple changes.
  • Extensible ETL architecture, reusable services.

Improved Documentation/Sample data

  • Metric logic and business rules are documented and linked to all the metrics they apply to. 
  • New ETL development guides and technical articles.