ODS API Feature Enhancements


ODS API platform comes with various features (e.g. Composites, Profiles, Change Queries, Dependency endpoint etc.), often developed initially as optional Minimum Viable Feature (or MVF) to explore feature's usefulness and adoption. These features have growing backlog of improvement requests.

The goals of this special interest group are to:

  1. Provide input on field usage of existing features
  2. Make recommendations to the Ed-Fi Alliance on prioritizing feature backlog.
  3. Make recommendations to the Ed-Fi Alliance on discontinuation of features that are proving low value to field work.  

Join the ODS API Feature Enhancements SIG

Participation is open to anyone in the Ed-Fi community that is interested in the scope of this SIG. In addition, we are believe that mature implementations, service providers and vendors who have worked with ODS API features can share their experiences and help shape future development priorities. If you are interested in joining the ODS API Feature Enhancements SIG, please contact vinaya.mayya@ed-fi.org.


ODS API SIG - MEETING #1 - 2022-10-18

ODS API SIG - Meeting #2 - 2022-11-17

ODS API SIG - Meeting #3 - 2022-12-08


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RepresentationFirst NameLast NameOrganization
Ed-Fi Alliance LiaisonVinayaMayyaEd-Fi Alliance

Ed-Fi Alliance

StephenFuquaEd-Fi Alliance

MarcosAlcozerEd-Fi Alliance

BritoAugustine EdWise Group



RoshDhanawadeEducation Analytics

KatieFavaraTexas Education Agency

StephenFuquaEd-Fi Alliance


CoreyHafnerEducation Analytics

ErikJoranlienEducation Analytics

JayKaiserEducation Analytics

SherodKeenKeen Logic

Jordan  MaderEducation Analytics

VinayaMayyaEd-Fi Alliance

EsharaMondalEducation Analytics

MeganNashEducation Analytics

TomReitzEducation Analytics


AndrewRiceEducation Analytics

AudreyShayWisconsin DPI

MarkTenHoorEducation Analytics
Facilitator & SupportNancyWilsonCollaboration Synergy

AnnSuGovernance Coordinator