Open Source Databases and Database Diversity

Goals and Context

The topic of open source database options within the Ed-Fi technology stack has been a topic growing in importance to the Ed-Fi community. At the  Technical Town Hall held at the 2018 Ed-Fi Summit and Boot Camp this topic quickly rose to the top of priority items (notes from that session are available here.) Participants in the discussion cited interest or need for inclusion of other database platforms within the Ed-Fi technology stack on the basis of cost and capabilities. And the general input from those working in the Ed-Fi codebases is that — like most software issues — the technology stack can be adapted to support more options. 

The Special Interest Group (SIG) on “Open Source Databases and Database Diversity” will work to define and shape community activity in the area of open source and other database platforms. Specifically, it will

  1. review and prioritize community needs and use cases in this area
  2. provide actionable recommendations for the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap specifically
  3. provide recommendations for the Ed-Fi Community member work in this area more broadly (for example, for community members or field projects pursuing implementations on other database platforms)


  • Geoff McElhanon, Student1
  • Chris Sprague, Eduphoric
  • Tarun Verma, Amazon Web Services
  • Adam Roberts, Salesforce
  • Matt Warden, Double Line
  • Philip Heimes, RESPEC
  • Dante D. Fernandez, RESPEC
  • David Gallegos, RESPEC
  • Brad Tritz, RESPEC
  • Mark Masterson, LearningMate
  • Josh Allen, Denver Public Schools
  • Erik Joranlien, Education Analytics
  • Lalanthika Vasudevan, Education Analytics
  • Archana Parab, Achievement First
  • Stephen Fuqua, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Eric Jansson, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Vinaya Mayya, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Chris Moffatt, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • Shannon Kerlick, Ed-Fi Alliance
  • German Freiwald, SalesForce
  • Ryan Headley, SalesForce
  • Andrew Rice, Education Analytics
  • Brad Bannister, Double Line
  • Kris Hagel, Peninsula School District

  • Rhiannon Pape, San Antonio DHS

  • Andrew Ellis, Wisconsin DPI