Ed-Fi Integration with Google Classroom


The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction performed a survey to find out what use cases districts would like to enable using Ed-Fi infrastructure. They identified that 13 of the 22 largest WI districts use Google Classroom, and teachers have to recreate roster information in the tool. Based on this data, there is a use case would be to provide a method to pull roster data from the Ed-Fi ODS/API into Google Classroom. The slide deck from the GAT meeting provides additional information (see slides 9 - 12).  This topic was discussed at the April meeting of the Governance Advisory Team (see notes here), and there was consensus within the GAT that this is an interesting use case that is worth exploring further with the Ed-Fi community. Consequently, the Alliance is establishing a Special Interest Group to convene interested parties and further document the use cases and identify potential options for a solution.

The goals of this Special Interest Group are to convene community experts to:

  • Define and refine use cases around the integration of Ed-Fi and Google Classroom.
  • Propose technical solutions to enable prioritized use cases.

The initial use cases in scope are:

  • Rostering Google Classroom from the Ed-Fi ODS / API
  • Pushing notifications based on Ed-Fi data into Google Classroom


Participation is open to anyone in the Ed-Fi community that is interested in the scope of this SIG. In addition, we believe that it is important to identify and recruit educators who use Google Classroom to participate in the SIG, and preferable to also secure participation from someone on the Google Education team. 

To participate, please contact eric.jansson@ed-fi.org