Bulk Data Exchange Over REST API

As of , this design proposal has not been implemented in any version of the Ed-Fi ODS/API software.


The RESTful ODS API, operating on a highly normalized data model, has proven inefficient for secure access to large amounts of data. Community members have also voiced interest in alternatives to the current XML specifications, both as XML is perceived as heavyweight and with a desire to re-use designs and code from current Ed-Fi REST API clients (which consume and produce JSON).

This Special Interest Group will document use cases and review design work-in-progress related to synchronization or transfer of large data sets via REST API.

This work may touch on Composites and the Change Events API; bulk input and output of JSON data through the API; and requirements for a middle tier interface for supplying to analytics systems. The SIG target completion of work by end of June 2018 and any new development projects will be targeted to API version 3.2.


  • Ben Meyers, Double Line
  • Doug Quinton, PowerSchool
  • Geoff McElhanon, Student1
  • Michael Discenza, SchoolLinks
  • Scott Meddles, Schoolzilla
  • Eric Jansson, Ed-Fi Alliance, convener
  • Stephen Fuqua, Ed-Fi Alliance, convener



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