Managed Service Provider SIG 2023

Organizations who provide Ed-Fi technology as a managed service share unique technical and business model concerns within the community. A previous special interest group was convened (see Managed Service Providers) and made great progress in identifying and ideating on solutions to key gaps in the Ed-Fi technical roadmap.

This SIG seeks to continue that work, but adds to that work some new urgency: we are seeing a sharp rise in collaborative LEA implementations, including some with state-wide plans and aspirations. To meet the scale demands of these projects, we must make sure that our technical products are prepared to work efficiently at this scale, and we also need to ensure that we are aligning other Ed-Fi programs and services (e.g., certification and badging, events, training and learning) to support this critical work.


Participation in this SIG will be limited to those organizations with an Ed-Fi Managed ODS / API Platform Badge. However, agendas, materials and notes are made open to the community. 


  1. Identify critical new features or requirements for the Ed-Fi technology platform and related tools which are needed to serve projects of large scale. Work to propose and define solutions to these.
  2. Identify the ways Alliance programs and services can assist or play critical roles in the success of Ed-Fi LEA-focused implementations with state-wide or similar scope.
  3. Identify services, new technologies, or collaborations within the community that could accelerate the progress of large-scale LEA-data-services focused implementations.
  4. Discuss and identify critical accelerators that can reduce time-to-market for large projects or remove other obstacles to faster implementation, and propose solutions that can assist the community in overcoming those.


  • InnovateEdu
  • Instructure
  • Education Analytics
  • EdWire
  • K12 Analytics Engineering
  • ESP Solutions Group
  • Edufied