Managed Service Providers



The Managed Service Providers Special Interest Group (MSP-SIG) will convene community members focused on the pain points and priorities of providers of Ed-Fi technologies in Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS) offerings. These providers are key to the adoption and growth of Ed-Fi. They provide agencies with deployment choices, they expand the community by reaching many agencies, they can reduce complexity in implementations for agencies, they can differentiate data interoperability and analytics offerings, and they can prioritize "time to value" to help agencies realize the benefits of interoperability more rapidly.  

  1. Define pain points that Managed Service Providers (MSP) experience in implementing Ed-Fi technology and making it available to community members as productized offerings. 
  2. Provide input into and feedback on the Alliance’s products and roadmap especially as it relates to deployment, automation, security, management, and other priority concerns.
  3. Discuss ideas and opportunities to unblock managed providers in ways that help them scale their offerings. 


Meetings are in planning for for May 6 and May 19, 2022 and the SIG will inform the need of additional meetings from there.

A preparatory discussion was held at the Technical Congress in April 2022 to solicit interest and feedback in holding this SIG. The presentation for that is included here


Managed Service Providers are critical to the growth of Ed-Fi reaching a tipping point in overall adoption in K-12 education. Therefore the Alliance seeks to understand what helps and hinders Managed Service Providers' capabilities and use of the Ed-Fi technical suite, and priorities we can act upon to unblock growth and successful implementations for the agencies Managed Service Providers serve. 

More Detail

A detailed version of the supporting activities or documentation supporting the goals above will be shared and posted here

Current Members

SIG Report Out

The final SIG report is available here: MSP SIG - Report Out