Data Exchange and Extensibility in Ed-Fi Suite 3


This special interest group (SIG) has a few goals:

  • Provide an initial content for data model collaboration for education agencies, including suggestions/proposals for the core data model and sharing of extension models.  
  • Provide a context to discuss other ODS/API technologies or information to support the community and agencies in the move to Ed-Fi Suite 3.
  • Provide a current stream of technical and related information for agencies interested in moving to Ed-Fi Suite 3.
This SIG is a bit different from most SIGs in that membership is open to any agencies wanting to participate. To participate, please contact


  • Audrey, Wisconsin DPI
  • Amit, Wisconsin DPI
  • Rohith, Wisconsin DPI
  • Jill Aurand, NE DOE
  • Suresh, NE DOE
  • Max Reimer, NE DOE
  • Scott Kuykendall DE DOE

Meetings and Materials

MonthAgendaPresentation Materials
June 2018
  • SIG Goals
  • Release of Ed-Fi Suite 3
  • Guidance in v3.0 – Programs (SEOA)
  • Program Eligibility and Program Participation in Ed-Fi 
  • Disability in SEOA
  • Discipline Domain
  • MetaEd Files Contribution
Data Standard Changes in v3.0 (Student Needs)
July 2018
  • EdFacts Reporting – Data Model Alignment
    • Generate Overview
    • ETL Architecture
  • Support for multiple operational context
    • Descriptor Namespaces
      • Mix and Match
      • How important it is for you?
  • Other Model Topics

DEEE3 - July 2018

Multiple Operational Context

Ed-Fi - Generate Overview

August 2018

DE Department of Education presented their Ed-Fi Implementation.

  • Ed-Fi Implementation Architecture
  • Calendar
  • Person Entity to capture Student/Staff/Non-Student UniqueIds
  • Discipline Domain
  • Medical Domain
  • Open topics
DE Discipline Medical Domains
September 2018

Calendar Model Discussion and DE Medical Domain Overview

  • Instructional days calculation – Adding EventDuration part of the CalendarDate entity.
    • Calculating Instructional Time 
    • Planned time and Actual Time
      • Should we capture the planned and actual time on Calendar Date?
      • Should you prefer EventDuration over planned and actual time?
  • Medical Domain from DE
  • Open topics if time permits
Instructional Days Calculation
October 2018Meeting Cancelled

Agenda included:

•SIG Goals
•Release of Ed-Fi Suite 3
•Guidance in v3.0 – Programs (SEOA)
•Program Eligibility and Program Participation in Ed-Fi
•Disability in SEOA
•Discipline Domain
•MetaEd Files Contribution

July 2018 Meeting

Aug 2018 Meeting

  • Materials