Analytics Middle Tier


Querying the Ed-Fi ODS is very challenging due to its highly-normalized structure. This is often a stumbling-block for creation of reporting solutions and adoption of analytics self-discovery tools. The Ed-Fi Alliance is publishing a technical paper analyzing this yawning gap between data storage and data reporting, and providing concomitant architectural recommendations and patterns for overcoming that gap. The paper particularly focuses on provision of data to an Early Warning System, although the patterns will easily support other use cases in the future.

We call the proposed solution the Analytics Middle Tier. This Special Interest Group (SIG) is being convened to solicit community feedback on the proposed architecture, with the goal of publishing the final report before the Ed-Fi Summit in October.


Currently soliciting participation for two-to-three one hour meetings in the August/September time frame. If interested, please contact Stephen Fuqua (

  • John Hickam (Learning Tapestry)
  • John Raub, Melissa Straw (Wisconsin DPI)
  • Ram Subramanian (Innive, Inc)
  • Monica Hogan (Boston Public Schools)
  • Fadi Fadhil (Minneapolis Public Schools)
  • Becky McKnight (Doubleline Partners)
  • Ed Comer (Student1)
  • Andrew Rice (EdAnalytics)
  • Shane Fairbairn (NEFEC)
  • Ana Quintana, Marcos Gallo (UPD Consulting)
  • Laura Keith (NWEA)
  • Mike Werner (Center for Educational Leadership and Technology)
  • Silvia Brunet-Jones (MSDF)
  • Tarun Verma (Amazon Web Services)
  • Jean-Francois Guertin, David Cintron (EdWire)
  • Kris Snover (BrightBytes)