Open Source Rules Engine and Validation API

The Alliance is sponsoring work to move the ball forward in terms of "Level 2" data validation and data quality. The work is focused on two aspects:

  1. Open Source Rules Engine - Feasibility Study
    • Objective: Undertake a survey of existing open source rules engine across industry sectors to determine what suitable solutions may exist for Ed-Fi implementations. Included in this activity is developing a set of requirements for a rules engine, that can be used during the survey.
  2. Develop a technical design for the implementation of a Validation API
    • Objective: Develop a detailed technical specification and data model for provision of level 2 validation errors/reports (from a variety of rules engines) to API clients via an Ed-Fi API endpoint. 

The goals of this Special Interest Group are to convene community experts to:

  1. Review and provide input to the deliverables from the Alliance-sponsored work
  2. Identify an Ed-Fi implementation to adopt one of the proposed approaches to data validation. 
  3. Identify an Ed-Fi implementation that can serve as a testbed for implementation of the Validation API - which involves (a) technical implementation of the Validation results API and (b) working with one or more SIS vendors to integrate their products with the API.
Note: We anticipate that a likely candidate for #2 is an LEA, while an SEA implementation is probably best suited to drive #3.


Participation is open to anyone interested in the scope of the work.  The focus of the work will be sequenced to address the open source rules engine feasibility study first, followed by the specification of the validation results API.


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