RVWG Charter

Charter Revision - November 2021


The RVWG exists to examine the needs of the community around visualizing use cases with data sourced from the Ed-Fi ODS/API. It also exists to provide community members with recommendations and guidance, both technical and non-technical, to standing up these visualizations and promoting the use of Ed-Fi with their stakeholders.

To meet this mission the RVWG will provide the following:

  1. Discuss building visualization frameworks which supports community members in choosing and deploying a set of visualizations appropriate for their use cases and particular organizational constraints.
  2. Support that framework with particular use cases from mature or maturing implementations.  This will allow community participation at all points in the implementation journey.  This step is vital in establishing patterns for iterating on Ed-Fi based visualizations and to provide end-users with the support to evaluate impact and reach.
  3. Collect and document community strategies for offering data out of the ODS/API and in to downstream visualizations.
  4. Provide a set of technical and non-technical artifacts to the Ed-Fi Alliance to determine a roadmap (if any) for Ed-Fi Alliance supported solutions


Past Phases

  1. Survey non-Ed-Fi dashboard users with visualization solutions to determine what factors played a role in their technology choice
  2. Engage with current Ed-Fi dashboard users to elevate most prevalent use cases being served by the current core Dashboard offering
  3. Identify current efforts for core Ed-Fi dashboard replacement and elevate processes used by those efforts to determine overlaps and differences
  4. Coalesce dashboard use cases and non-dashboard factors into guiding principles for the visualization framework

Current Phase

  1. Survey the community on how visualization solutions are pulling data out of the Ed-Fi ODS/API and document the strategies within Ed-Fi's Techdocs.
  2. Coalesce the "data out" strategies used in the community into a resource for new members


RVWG operates under guidelines set forth in the “Community Work Groups Operations Charter”.