Ed-Fi Governance

About Ed-Fi Governance

This documentation describes the Ed-Fi Alliance's governance process, and how community members and the general public engage in that process. 

The diagram below shows the Alliance's 3-tiered structure of governance and community engagement. 

In the diagram:

  • Tier 1 represents the voice of the stakeholders (education agencies, vendors, and thought leaders). This tier affords stakeholders the opportunity to propose and debate changes to the Ed-Fi data model and technology through participation in various work groups. 
  • Tier 2 is composed of representatives from the Alliance, work group chairs, and at-large representatives coming together as a Governance Advisory Team (GAT) to prioritize proposed changes and poll the broader Ed-Fi Community. The GAT receives input from and is supported by the Ed-Fi community and Ed-Fi Alliance staff.
  • Tier 3 is the approval and advocacy group for the governance structure. 

Active Work Groups

Work groups at the Tier 1 level are open to all Ed-Fi community members. If you are interested in learning more about these work groups or becoming a member, please express your interest by e-mail to governance@ed-fi.org.

Work GroupGoals

The Collaboratives Work Group (CWG) is intended to enhance LEA collaboratives’ engagement in, input into and use of the Ed-Fi data and technology standards. The CWG’s main purpose is to represent the perspectives of the LEA collaboratives operating in the Ed-Fi Community to the Ed-Fi Governance processes with the purpose of making the Ed-Fi data and technology standards more widely adopted and used. The CWG may make recommendations through the Ed-Fi Governance processes about investment in the Ed-Fi product roadmap and business strategies.

Educator Preparation The Educator Preparation Work Group is an established entity within the Ed-Fi Governance structure and is intended to enhance the use of the Ed-Fi data model and technology by educator preparation organizations as well as education agencies at the state and local level.
State Education Agency

The goals for the SEA Work Group include:

  1. Prioritization process: Continue the SEA Collaboration Practice for identifying potential Ed-Fi data model and technology enhancements to address the SEA needs and pain points to positively impact student achievement.
  2. Improved interoperability: Enhance the ability to integrate systems like Assessment, Special Education, Early Childhood, etc. and share data in a secure ecosystem.

Completed Work Groups