Project Meadowlark


Project Meadowlark was a research and development (R&D) project, which has been shut down in January, 2024. Lessons learned from this project will be incorporated into the 2024 roadmap as we look to build the replacement for the Ed-Fi ODS/API.

Its goal is to look for technology accelerators for current strategy of near-real time data collection and aggregation via standards-based API exchanges from vendor systems and into a central data platform, in order to support analytics to improve the performance of students.

The Meadowlark code and releases provide a deployable, distributable, proof-of-concept for implementation of the Ed-Fi API built  on a new paradigm that includes NoSQL document storage and rapid deployment of data standard updates. It therefore replicates the data collection capabilities of the Ed-Fi ODS/API, but does not replicate the database structure and storage of the ODS/API.

Documentation & Code


  • By: Ed-Fi Alliance
  • License terms: Apache 2.0
  • Released: Milestone 0.5.0, January 2024