Dashboard Replacement Proof of Concept


The Dashboard Replacement Proof of Concept project was established to address a number of architectural issues related to the ongoing advancement of the Ed-Fi Technical Suite. The  goals of the project were:

  • Demonstrate that a technical modernization of the Ed-Fi Dashboard UI is viable.
  • Provide a framework for estimating the cost of modernizing the entire Ed-Fi Dashboard.

The project was was sponsored by the Ed-Fi Alliance as part of the Reporting and Visualization Work Group activities to explore replacement alternatives for the Ed-Fi Dashboard solution.

The project underwent a second phase of development to further demonstrate the replacement of the original dashboard's DDD back-end and add appropriate security.  The Dashboard's proof-of-concept code repository has been updated to include both phases of development.  The goals of the project were: 

  • Replace the existing Dashboard ETL/data pipeline with Analytics Middle Tier (AMT) and modern technologies (e.g. GraphQL)
  • Add Authorization mechanisms using AMT's row-level security
  • Add oAuth style Authentication