OtisEd iMart Ed-Fi Data Warehouse Starter Kit


The OtisEd iMart Data Management solution for data warehousing is a layer of applications which are built on Microsoft SQL Server. The full solution allows for extension and customization of the data model to fit each client's business needs. The Starter kit provided here is a packaged version of the output from the full solution. It can be used as a starting point to build your own customized warehouse.

This package uses the iMart/Ed-Fi Data Warehouse-Synergyz (1.0) model which specifies 28 tables (both dimensions and facts). Included in this package are the 28 procedures (one per table) that transforms data stored in the Ed-Fi ODS version 3.1 structure to the conform table structures required for loading the data warehouse. These 28 procedures will be referred to as the "Ed-Fi ODS 3.1 Connector". Additional scripts are included to create the database and load the transformed data into the corresponding transactional and analytical data models.



  • By: OtisEd
  • License terms: Apache 2.0
  • Released: May 20, 2019