MetaEd Temporal System Versioned Tables Plugin


Enables retention of record change history to data over time and enables the querying of that data in SQL Server. The MetaEd plugin that generates T-SQL scripts to enable System Versioned Tables (Temporal Tables) on the ODS database in SQL Server 2017. This enables ANSI SQL 2011 queries on the ODS.

The scripts the plugin generates do the following:

  1. Alters the tables in the source schema (e.g. edfi) to add two required columns SysStartTime and SysEndTime which are added as hidden.
  2. Creates a history schema for each source schema defined in MetaEd e.g [edfi_history] for [edfi].
  3. In the history schema, creates the tables that are present in the source schema as bare tables, i.e., without constraints, identity, or triggers.