Ed-Fi Assessment API Bridge


For agencies considering an update to a Ed-Fi ODS/API v3, the Ed-Fi Assessment API Bridge allows Assessment API clients to interact with it as though they are interacting with Ed-Fi ODS/API v2.5+ and lands the data in Ed-Fi ODS/API v3 and thus it lets agencies to move  to  v3 ahead of assessment vendor v3 integration.  Currently supports - Ed-Fi ODS/API v3.1 , v3.2, v3.3.

This offering comes with PowerShell installation scripts. Please read through the install instructions before starting the installation process in order to ensure you have all the prerequisites and required configuration information handy during the installation. The installer provided is designed primarily for use in on-premises installations. however it can be used on virtual machines in a cloud-hosting environment.



  • By: Ed-Fi Alliance
  • License terms: Apache 2.0
  • Released: January 26, 2021