The North Allegheny Interventions Management Interface


The Interventions Management Interface (IMI) - contributed by North Allegheny School District in Pittsburgh, PA - provides a lightweight student data reporting interface that doubles as an interventions and case management tool. The interface uses accessible platforms within the Microsoft environment, and is presented as a Power BI multi-page report with an embedded Power App module leveraging Microsoft’s Common Data Service for a simple model of non-ODS data structures.

Within the interface, users can track student referrals for intervention, pre-referral and during-monitoring interventions, and case notes. For any student in the user district’s Ed-Fi ODS, users can drill through to review a student case profile, an attendance data overview (periodic and daily attendance), and a mini assessment results explorer. The tool also includes an ODS-wide assessment results explorer, allowing users to compare a selected student’s score against the full distribution of student scores on the same assessment.