Setting Up Postman

Get Postman

This can be used in Postman Desktop or Postman Web

 Postman Desktop

Postman Desktop

Postman 8 is required. If a previous version of Postman is already installed, update Postman.

Go to Download Postman Desktop and Install.

After installation is done, Postman will open automatically.

Create an Account, Sign in or Skip this step. This account is to sync the collection in your account, but it is not mandatory.

If you sign in or skip the login, you can then continue to Import Collection.

 Postman Web

Postman Web

Browse to

This will be redirected to the login page. Login or register with any email and continue.

If you already have an account, after sign in, you can continue to Import Collection.

After registering, the Welcome screen will appear. Enter a name and click Continue.

In the following screen, click on Continue Without a Team.

After postman loads, go to Import Collection.

Import Collection

Download the collection

The collection can be downloaded from:

This page also contains links to download each file individually. In order to save, right-click on the link and click on 'Save link as...' and save as a JSON file.

Import into Postman

From the homepage, click on Import file.

From an existing workspace, click on Import.

Select the downloaded files, the entire folder, or copy and paste the content.

After selecting the files, the file type must be highlighted. If any error appears, or nothing appears in the list, it means that the JSON file has an error.

Click on Import.

After the success message appears, the collection is ready.

Next Steps

Enrollment API via Postman

Change Queries via Postman


When there are errors executing one of the API calls, it is recommended to check the console to get additional information.

Authentication failed

  1. Verify the API URL and the Key and Secret (This can be verified with Swagger).
  2. Check the console.

Unable to get local issuer certificate

When testing in production that do not have an SSL certificate (this can happen specially on testing environments), the following error may occur:

The simplest way to go around this issue, is to execute the following steps:

1) Go to "Settings"

2) Turn off SSL certificate verification.

3) Dismiss and continue

Postman Collection

Roster Postman Collection on GitHub:
Roster Starter Kit for Vendors

Roster Postman Collection ZIP Package:
Ed-Fi Roster Starter Kit v1.0 Postman

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