Student Equity Solution Guide

Welcome to the Student Equity Solution Guide For Vendors!

About the Student Equity Solution Guide

The Student Equity Starter Kit is a step-by-step guide designed to help local education agencies, AKA school districts, understand, analyze and take supportive actions with data to uncover gaps in students’ access and participation in your school's educational offerings.

This Solution Guide for Student Equity helps Student Information System vendors take the necessary steps to provide districts with the data needed to power the starter kit.  

Vendor support for student equity encompasses the following steps: 

  • Learn. The Ed-Fi website has detail on Student Equity, and information about how others in the Ed-Fi Community have addressed the problem. Read more about how to Solution Guide on
  • Develop. Add Ed-Fi capabilities to your product to support customers addressing chronic absenteeism. You will find the Student Equity Starter Kit Vendor Developer Guide below.
  • Test. To fully realize the benefits of the Student Equity Starter Kit, and ensure your solution is field ready, we recommend selecting and working with an existing district customer to test your integration in a live, Ed-Fi implementation of the starter kit. Securing a district customer will allow you a reference point for future adoptees of this starter kit. Working with a local district agency is not required but it is strongly recommended.
  • Certify. For vendor organizations that have completed integration with the starter kit using the vendor developer guide, apply for the API Domain Certification so you may be listed as a verified partner on

Zoom out

Want to know more before you begin? The Ed-Fi website has detail on identifying whether students have equitable access to academic programs, experienced teachers as well as equitable discipline and grading outcomes.  You can also find information about how others in the Ed-Fi Community have addressed the problem.

Link: Read more about School Districts and Solution Guide on