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Manual Rostering Is Lose-Lose

Roster data is critical to most education technology solutions. But when school districts and state agencies have to manually extract and share their roster data via spreadsheets, the process is fraught with inefficiencies and human error. It’s not only less effective for your technology, it’s also time-consuming and frustrating for your customers.

This guide contains resources that will outline a development process and provide examples for developers to get acclimated with the Ed-Fi API quickly. Additionally, there are examples that illustrate ways to generate code that can be used to integrate Ed-Fi Rostering functionality into your platform more easily.


Rostering Development Guide

An overview of the development process for rostering capabilities in your product.

Ed-Fi Roster Workflow in Postman

Postman is an application that interacts directly with API interfaces. This section is designed to show how to use Postman to obtain roster from an Ed-Fi API.

Ed-Fi Roster Sample Application

A sample C# application is provided to show actual roster workflow using Ed-Fi APIs using two strategies: enrollment composites and change queries.

Generating an SDK - Ed-Fi Roster

OpenAPI can be used to generate client API libraries for use directly within an application.

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Want to know more before you get started? The Ed-Fi website has detail on the challenge of Rostering and how the Ed-Fi solution can address the need.

Link: read more about Education Technology Vendors and how to Easily Pull Roster Data on