Student Equity Starter Kit Vendor Developer Guide

This developer guide describes the processes for a Student Information System to develop the functionality in their platform to provide data to an Ed-Fi API to power the Student Equity Starter Kit. 

The Guide is divided into three sections. We recommend you go through the following sections and subsections in order, but welcome you to skip forward when you are already knowledgeable on the topic.

I. Getting Data Flowing

This first section presents the basic information to allow you to interact with the Ed-Fi API and get some early data flowing in a development setup.

II. Understanding Ed-Fi APIs

This section explains design features specific to Ed-Fi APIs and how to integrate with them. After completing this section, you should have the knowledge to connect your system to an Ed-Fi API and successfully transmit larger amounts of data.

III. Tools and Best Practices

This section provides information on tools and best practices to assist in your development and in the long-term maintenance and health of supporting organizations using the Student Equity Starter Kit.

Next Steps

Upon completing development of the Ed-Fi API functionality, you can test the features with a customer or proceed on to applying for an Ed-Fi Starter Kit Data Partner Badge.