EPDM Overview


The preparation and support of educators is a shared responsibility between educator preparation programs (EPPs), certification agencies, and those hiring program completers. When everyone works together, the quality of the teaching profession is strengthened. To do their part and align their goals with a continuous improvement cycle, each of these groups needs access to better data at specific times in the educator pipeline.

In response to this need, UPD (now Crocus) conducted research, gathered requirements and developed technology to create the Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM), involving key players as stakeholders in the process and was developed from 2015-2018.In 2019, the Ed-Fi Alliance received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to further 

About the Educator Preparation Data Model

The EPDM (formerly Teacher Preparation Data Model) extension enables comprehensive data aggregation over the span of a educator's entire career, from application to and enrollment into an EPP, through knowledge and skills demonstrated in fieldwork experiences, to placement and performance as an in-service educator. Educator preparation programs (EPPs), State education agencies (SEAs), Local education agencies (LEAs), and schools can access and review data through automated data connections to develop strategies to ensure educators are prepared to meet the needs of their students.

The Ed-Fi Alliance in November of 2021 released the EPDM Community and EPDM Core options for the EPP community. /wiki/spaces/GOV/pages/20334458 describes the additions and revisions identified to move a set of entities from the EPDM model into the Ed-Fi Standard- based on Ed-Fi EPP Starter Kit use cases. The  following provides a conceptual overview of the EPDM and the basic technology facts useful for those considering or starting a EPDM based implementation project:

Prior to November 2021                                                                                        Current State

Which is best for my organization - EPDM-Core or EPDM-Community?

Choose EPDM-Core if...Choose EPDM-Community if...
I want to get started as quickly and simply as possible – using Ed-Fi EPP Starter KitsI am currently using, or plan to use EPDM entities that are not currently in EPDM-Core
My use cases focus on candidate demographics, candidate enrollment, or performance (candidate or others)

If you are upgrading from TPDM v1.0 (and not using starter kits), or are unsure, start with TPDM-Community.

Installing EPDM

Installing EPDM-CORE Installing EPDM-Community

Install the Ed-Fi ODS/API platform v5.3 (defaults to including EPDM-Core extension)

EPDM-Community: Install the Ed-Fi ODS/API platform v5.3, but change the EPDM extension to be installed to be EPDM-Community.This is done by following these installation instructions.

More details about TPDM-CoreMore details about TPDM-Community

​Changing the EPDM model installed

If you start with EPDM-Core, and decide later that you need EPDM-Community, you can make the change by installing a new instance of the ODS/API and following the install instructions.

If you have already loaded data, the choices are:

  • You can re-load data into the ODS/API without changes (since EPDM-Core is a strict subset) 
  • If data can’t be reloaded for some reason, it would be possible to write database scripts to migrate data – but this would incur some additional time/cost

Future Plans

The Alliance plans to continue to work with the EPP community to identify further entities that are mature enough to move into Ed-Fi Core

The following are resources for getting information and engaging in the process:

Links to resources and documentation: