Family Engagement Starter Kit


The Family Engagement Starter Kit provides step by step instruction to technical and non-technical users on how to implement the Ed-Fi Family Engagement solution. 

The Starter Kit is divided into two parts.

  • A Demonstration Guide provides you with the ability to login to a working version of the Family Engagement Portal, with sample data, so that you can look around and kick-the-tires before setting it up yourself.
  • Setup Guide provides detail on how to customize the Family Engagement solution established in the Quick Start to fit your unique needs through advanced configurations such as loading test data, adjusting security settings, and configuring student information systems. Completing the Setup Guide will result in a test environment intended to mimic your production environment. The Setup Guide takes approximately three hours to complete. Although not required, it is useful to have the assistance of someone with basic knowledge of Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Visual Studio. 

For additional information on skills and technology used — and suggested team members to engage when using this Starter Kit — please see the General Reference and Starter Kit Specific Reference pages. 

Let's Get Started!

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Want to know more before you get started? The Ed-Fi website has loads of detail on Family Engagement, and descriptions of the field-tested tools the Ed-Fi solution has to address the problem.

Link: Read more about School Districts and Family Engagement on

Need help?

If you need assistance with a Starter Kit, engage an Ed-Fi representative via Ed-Fi Customer Support