A newer version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API is now available. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.

More Information

This documentation covers the basics of client development for the Ed-Fi ODS / API platform. For those wishing to learn more, the following information will be a great next step.

Training Material

This section contains links to training material related to API client development.

  • Ed-Fi ODS / API Boot Camp. The Ed-Fi Alliance periodically hosts "boot camp" training sessions. The presentation and walkthrough material from a recent API session can be found online here. The material covers several key topics relevant to client system developers. Definitely worth a look.

Helpful Documentation

This section contains links to documentation and other material useful for understanding and working with an Ed-Fi ODS / API platform.

  • Ed-Fi Data Standard Documentation. The definitions for the data elements in the API and the XML bulk upload schema are part of the Ed-Fi Data Standard. You can view the online documentation for the data standard here
  • Ed-Fi API Design & Implementation Guidelines. The API surface aligns with the Ed-Fi API Design & Implementation Guidelines published here. This documentation is useful for understanding the higher-level design principles that guided the specific API endpoints.
  • Ed-Fi API Platform Developers' Guide. If you're interested in what's going on under the hood of the API surface, check out the Ed-Fi ODS / API Platform Developers' Guide available online here