The North Allegheny Ed-Fi Survey Data Loader


The Survey Data Loader tool is a lightweight web application enabling end users to easily map and upload survey data flat files to an Ed-Fi ODS. Supported use cases include any surveys administered at the district, school, or classroom level that leverage Google Forms, Microsoft forms, Typeform, or other survey platforms that output response results in a standard, tidy (each row represents one survey response; each column represents one item response or survey response property (e.g. completion time)) spreadsheet format. Within the application, users load survey metadata and question metadata to their Ed-Fi ODS before uploading survey responses. Surveys can be loaded without manual field mapping or bootstrap configuration outside of simple user prompts within the UI. An admin module allows data/IT admins to pre-configure secure ODS connections, enabling business users to engage with the application without deep technical knowledge or familiarity with the Ed-Fi data model.

A preview of the application can be accessed here ( Preview users are welcome to try uploading their own sample data to their own sample ODS (e.g. Populated Template/Grand Bend dataset); for obvious reasons, do not send actual student data through the demo application.

Contact name/email: Sean Hoover (; Dr. Katherine Curran (;  Yuko Wong (

Ed-Fi version supports (if applicable): >= v3.2 (ODS must include Survey Domain)

License terms: Apache License


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  • By: North Allegheny
  • Released: July 27, 2022