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Cloud Deployment  Strategies

One of the most common types of questions the Ed-Fi Alliance receives from new community members is "how do I install and run this software?" Increasingly, that question is posed with respect to cloud deployments. Given that the Alliance does not run its own software, and given the myriad ways of optimizing a deployment, it is difficult for us to have the expertise and bandwidth to provide detailed guidance on deployment architecture and security. At the same time, we are in frequent conversation with community members and can learn from them and reflect some practices back to the community. In that light we offer the following documents and tools that may be helpful in planning your own deployments. Some have been developed at the request of the Alliance, and other solutions are offered by the community. Please recognize the necessary limitations and "use at your own risk."

Amazon Web Services

Ed-Fi ODS/API Cloud Deployment for AWS (Suite 3) - (warning) out of date, last updated in 2020 for ODS/API 5.0. The deployment guide may still prove useful, and a motivated individual could update the CloudFormation templates to support newer software.


Deploying the Ed-Fi ODS API 6x on Azure - using App Services

ODS/API 5.3 Deployment on Azure from K12 Analytics Engineering - using App Services

Google Cloud Platform

Ed-Fi Kubernetes Deployment - 💡 also a good starting point for Kubernetes on other platforms)

How To: Run Ed-Fi on Google Cloud - using Cloud Run

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For Tech Suite 2

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