Essential Question 21: Are students on track to become college and career ready?


he Effective Assessment Data Management (EADM) group has captured and refined a set of Essential Questions (EQ) which districts ask of their assessment outcomes data. EQ 21 asks: Is/Are student(s) "on track" [e.g. attendance, GPA, credits, assessments] performing on grade level and/or demonstrating competency in [content area e.g. reading, math, science] to become college and career ready?

This contribution was provided by Metro Nashville Public Schools. The documents provide information required to design the EQ 21 visuals using the Microsoft SQL Server and SQL SRS (Server Reporting Services) on top of an Ed-Fi ODS/API v3.4. The information ranges from design decisions to analytic guidelines. The intended audiences for these documents are education organization leaders in the areas of technology, data governance, and/or assessment.