Essential Question 24 in the Middle Grades - Are My Students Improving in Math?


The Florida Collaborative on Operational Data for Educators (FLCODE) is excited to share the project Essential Question 24 in the Middle Grades with the Ed-Fi Community.

Educators at all levels need to know how students are progressing in school. While the number and types of assessment tools are nearly innumerable, progress monitoring in the middle grades was largely absent—this was learned during the first project to address the Essential Question, “Are my students improving in math?” (EQ 24) and was prevalent during this project. The purpose of this work was to address the need for students in middle grades mathematics, enhance the current EQ 24 artifacts, and update the application components with technology that was not available during the initial implementation of EQ24.

The updates included the use of Data Import and the assessment vendor APIs that were available within the time covered by this grant. It also included the use of reporting data marts that have recently been deployed to the Exchange and the most current security strategies recommended by the Alliance. The visualization combines data from many sources to provide a comprehensive view of achievement in mathematics over time without the need to access multiple data platforms.



  • By: Florida CODE
  • License terms: Apache 2.0
  • Released: April, 2020