Ed-Fi ODS/API Cloud Deployment for Azure (Suite 2)


The Ed-Fi Alliance no longer supports nor recommends using the "Ed-Fi ODS/API Cloud Deployment for Azure (Suite 3)" offering and is provided here for historical reference.  At the time this offering was developed, direct platform commands were necessary to support deployments out to cloud providers, which this offering relies heavily on.  Based on community feedback, we've migrated our deployments to utilize Docker as a primary deployment strategy, as all major cloud providers, along with on-premise methods to do so.  We recommend referring to Docker Deployment 2.x on TechDocs and the other Docker offerings here in the Exchange as ways to stand up Ed-Fi using the major cloud providers.


The Ed-Fi ODS / API 2.x deploy tools for Azure includes scripts and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to aid in deploying a new copy of the Ed-Fi ODS / API to Microsoft's Azure platform.

The goal of these tools is to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to get a new instance of an Ed-Fi ODS/API up and running. Supports ODS/API v2.3.1, 2.4.0, and 2.5.0.