State Education Agencies - Implementation Playbook


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Welcome to the Ed-Fi State Education Agencies (SEAs) - Implementation Playbook ("SEA Playbook").

The intended audience for the SEA Playbook is leadership of state data efforts. The Playbook explains the problems Ed-Fi is solving for states and how data modernization efforts can unlock statewide opportunity to support schools, teachers and students.

The Playbook is published in both a PowerPoint and PDF format. A PowerPoint format is provided as we encourage state leadership to adapt this content for use with their own teams.

Knowledge Base Articles

Knowledge base (KB) articles in this online guide present more detailed information that goes deeper into the topics in the playbook.

At the right, please find links to additional KB articles that your teams will find helpful.

Ed-Fi Academy Content

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We recommend these resources for those very new to Ed-Fi - they will assist in digesting the information presented in the playbook.