What's New in v7.2

This section provides an overview of the new features in v7.2 of the Ed-Fi ODS / API, targeted for deployment starting in the 2024–2025 school year. A comprehensive list of all changes can be found in the Release Notes section. 

The changes include:

Detail about each change follows. 

Improvements & Enhancements

This section briefly describes the new features and enhancements built into the Ed-Fi ODS / API Platform v7.2 and provides links to additional documentation. 

Data Model Changes

Ed-Fi ODS / API v7.2 adds support for Ed-Fi Data Standard v5.1 implementation, with no breaking changes from the previous Data Standard v5.0. Refer to What's New in Data Standard v5 for details. Additionally, Ed-Fi ODS/API v7.2 continues to support Data Standard v4.0 implementation.

Enhanced API Error Handling

The Ed-Fi ODS/API adheres to REST principles when responding to HTTP requests, including the use of standard status codes in HTTP responses. Starting from version 7.2, the ODS/API implements the Problem Details RFC 9457This improvement ensures that error messages are both machine-readable and user-friendly, providing clear and actionable information to developers and users. Key benefits include:

  • Standardization: Aligns with RFC 9457 for consistent machine-readable error responses across the API.
  • Improved User Experience: User-friendly messages help quickly understand and address data submission issues.
  • Enhanced Traceability: Comprehensive error details and correlation IDs facilitate easier troubleshooting.
  • Efficient Data Submission: Reporting all validation errors in a single response reduces the number of submission attempts.

Overall, this feature significantly enhances the clarity, usability, and traceability of API error responses, benefiting both developers and users. For details and examples of the new error response format, please refer to Error Response Knowledge Base.  

MetaEd IDE v4.4

Implementing extensions in Ed-Fi ODS / API v7.2 requires implementers to update to MetaEd IDE v4.4. Refer to MetaEd 4.4 What's New for details on latest updates and improvements. 

Improvements & Enhancements - Previous v7.x

Refer to What's New in Previous v7.x Releases for details on the features added in v7.0 of the Ed-Fi ODS / API.


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