Getting Started with the MetaEd IDE

This documentation describes the concepts and techniques necessary for a technical professional to understand and leverage the MetaEd IDE.


This documentation is for technical professionals who work with educational data systems, primarily database administrators and software developers. The domain specific language created for MetaEd may be of general interest to education technology vendors and education data analysts.

Before You Install the MetaEd IDE

The MetaEd IDE helps implementers who are extending Ed-Fi technology. If you're not sure what Ed-Fi technology is, see the links in the Prerequisites section below. If you're not sure whether the MetaEd IDE can help with the needs of your particular project, the Core Concepts section of the User Guide has some useful detail about what MetaEd can (and can't) do.


To gain the most benefit from this information, the reader should already be familiar with the following knowledge areas:

Getting Started Documentation Contents

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