Documentation for Essential Questions of Assessment Outcomes - EQ 29


The Effective Assessment Data Management (EADM) group has captured and refined a set of Essential Questions (EQ) which districts ask of their assessment outcomes data. EQ 29 asks: What are effective, research-based  strategies for improving performance [content area e.g. reading, math, science]? This contribution provides information required to design and develop the EQ 29 visuals using the Ed-Fi data model and ODS (v3.1), including information about design decisions, analytic guidelines, and data tables. The intended audience for these documents are education organization leaders in the areas of technology, data governance, and/or assessment. It is assumed that knowledge of or a functional Ed-Fi ODS exists.

The documentation is intended to encourage and support the following structured process:

  • Form a cross-functional work team with assessment, data, and technology staff
  • Adopt the EQ 29 and the accompanying Use Case as the focus for the visualization
  • Identify assessment and sources systems for cross-assessment analysis
  • Modify the use case to accommodate your context, if needed
  • Determine and catalog the analytic decisions for the visual
  • Confirm the data mapping and the content for the visual
  • Load the data via assessment vendor APIs  
  • Design the PowerBi visual
  • Implement views for data access