Data Governance and Management – Best Practices Research


This is a set of slides from research done for the Data Governance Collaborative (DGC) on best practices across industries in the area of data management and governance. The DGC is a group of school districts working on governance practices, with the Ed-Fi data model as its organizing structure. The DGC and the accompanying research is funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

A total of 15 school districts and charter management organizations have joined the DGC. These include:

  1. Aspire CMO - CA
  2. Denver Public Schools - CO
  3. Fulton County Schools - GA
  4. Green Dot CMO - CA
  5. Hillsborough County Schools - FL
  6. Jefferson County Schools - CO
  7. Lake County Schools - FL
  8. Metro-Nashville Public Schools - TN
  9. The North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC) – FL
  10. Pittsburgh Public Schools - PA
  11. Prince Georges County Public Schools - MD
  12. Rio Rancho Public Schools - NM
  13. Shelby County Public Schools - TN
  14. St. Louis Public Schools – MO
  15. Tulsa Public Schools – OK

Part of the goal of the DGC is to use data governance practices as a guide for how to establish an assessment business architecture (e.g., theory of action, assessment framework, and alignment practices). This business architecture will be used to further define and refine how the Ed-Fi structures can be used in the world of assessment data management. With this purpose, one of the deliverables for the grant was a set of research on the best practices in the area of data governance and management.

This research was drawn from other sectors (such as health care) as well as education to collect and present various approaches to better data governance. The research is in slide-deck format, and is credited as appropriate to identify the sources of the practices presented.



  • By: CELT
  • Released: October 5, 2017