Ed-Fi Technical Suites

Introduction to Ed-Fi Technical Suites

Ed-Fi technology is organized into Technical Suites that represent a generation of technology products that share a data model and are designed to work together. Technical Suites enable clarity in communication and support for Ed-Fi technology offerings. 

In general, the Alliance manages its roadmap with the goal of providing "N-1" support across Technical Suites and "N-2" support for releases within a suite. However, where support cannot be handled efficiently (e.g., support is overly complex due to underlying technical issues), or where Ed-Fi Community need is low, the Alliance may make exceptions in order to maximize the value of investments to the overall community. Please see Ed-Fi Data And API Standard Release Cadence for more detail.

The Ed-Fi Alliance encourages the community to stay current or upgrade to the most recent Technical Suite, as well as the most recent versions of products and tools within a suite. Please consult version release notes for details to ensure compatibility to local requirements.


Related documents:

  • The Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap communicates the planned schedule of releases and is updated quarterly. All dates are estimates and subject to change.
  • The Ed-Fi Technology Version Index lists all current and previous versions of Ed-Fi Technology, with links to documentation and downloads.

Technical Suite Lifespan

The lifespan of Ed-Fi Technical Suites is shown below.