Ed-Fi Technical Suite 2 - End of Support Notice


The Alliance intends to stop supporting Technical Suite 2 on July 31st, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Technical Suites?

For an overview of Ed-Fi Technical Suites, see Ed-Fi Technical Suites.

How does this notice impact me?

The benefits and impact of end-of-support notices for Technical Suites depend on your role in the Ed-Fi Community:

RoleBenefits and Impacts

Education Agencies currently on Technical Suite 2

(plus) Provides context and incentive to secure budget and plan to upgrade to Technical Suite 3.

(plus) Enables agencies to take advantage of new capabilities in Technical Suite 3.

(minus) Requires time and cost to upgrade.

Technology Providers

(plus) Data Providers: There is reduced cost to support the integration of products with older versions.

(plus) Managed hosting providers and data consumers:  Able to take advantage of new capabilities.

(minus) Managed hosting providers and data consumers: There is time and cost incurred to upgrade.

Ed-Fi Alliance

(plus) Frees up budget and resources for current and forward-looking investments.

What specifically changes when Technical Suite 2 is out of support?  

What Changes?What Doesn't Change?

Tracker tickets on out-of-support versions will not be supported or investigated.

An exception to this is if a critical security vulnerability is identified and education agencies still have Technical Suite 2 in production.

Ed-Fi licensees will continue to have full access to source code.

The Alliance stops releasing updates or enhancements to products within Technical Suite 2.

All existing documentation on TechDocs will be retained.

The Alliance starts allocating additional resources and budgets towards working on defining and developing Technical Suite 4.

Ed-Fi community members can continue to offer support services (for example, System Integrators and Collaboratives).

What should I do if my agency cannot upgrade to Technical Suite 3 before July 2022?

As stated above, there is no change to access to code and documentation, so you can continue to use Technical Suites 2 products for longer if necessary. Additionally, we invite you to contact the Alliance to discuss options further.

I have a question that is not answered above.

Please contact the Alliance; see How To: Get Technical Help or Provide Feedback.