How To: Get Technical Help or Provide Feedback


The Ed-Fi Alliance is pleased to offer technical support for community members working to implement Ed-Fi standards and technology. 

Steps to create a support ticket

  1. Navigate to the Ed-Fi Community Hub.
  2. Login using your Ed-Fi Community Login.  If you don't have an account, you can request one here:
  3. Once on the site, you can search for answers to common problems; submit a case, propose a change, or suggest a bug fix; and review existing cases.

  4. Populate these required fields to submit a Support Case.

    1. Type:  Select what best fits the specific issue you are reporting

    2. Subject:  A brief summary of the issue

    3. Description: Detail description of the issue

  5. Please be as descriptive as possible.
    1. For support incidents:
      1. The software version you are using (example: ODS/API v5.3, or Admin App v3.2, etc.)
      2. Where you are running the software (on-premises, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.)
      3. Is the problem occurring in a production environment or testing / staging?
    2. For documentation feedback:
      1. Please reference the document you are providing feedback on.
    3. For bugs:
      1. Steps to reproduce
      2. Expected result
      3. Actual result

Support limitations

  • The support provided by the Alliance is limited to issues related to the setup, configuration, and operation of Ed-Fi software components.
  • Support is offered to the community "as-is." Limitations include:
    • Requests may not be resolvable efficiently or at all due to the expertise of support consultants or the inability to replicate conditions that exist in the field.
    • Responses on U.S. holidays or outside of Central Time working hours may experience delays.
    • We strive to respond and offer help quickly, but large or fluctuating community volume may impact our ability to do that.

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