Getting Started

This documentation outlines the steps necessary to deploy and set up the Ed-Fi ODS / API Admin App. The Admin App provides a user-friendly web-based interface to perform common administrative tasks for an instance of an Ed-Fi ODS / API.

Admin App supports shared, year-specific and district-specific modes.  Admin App does not support sandbox mode which is intended for development and the Sandbox Administration Portal is the tool to use for sandbox modes.

Admin App is a tool that is used to manage account access and other internal information for the ODS/API Platform.  For this reason, we recommend running Admin App only within internal, VPN-accessible and/or "extranet" networks with proper firewall/infrastructure controls to maintain limited access for only its administrative users.


This documentation is for administrators and DevOps personnel who will be installing the Admin App. The information herein may also be of interest to users of the Admin App.