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June 2024: On behalf of the Ed-Fi community, we are pleased to announce the release of Data Import v2.3. For more details see What's New in Data Import.


Data Import is a tool that simplifies the loading of CSV data to the Operational Data Store (ODS) of the Ed-Fi ODS / API. The import tool handles domains where vendor integration to the Ed-Fi APIs is not possible from legacy data sources such as state assessment systems. The system works by providing methods to extract information out of spreadsheet-based CSV data files, and transform and load to the Ed-Fi ODS / API.

The Data Import tool is a multi-project C# .NET solution. It has a web administration panel in ASP.NET to view data and job status, and .NET command-line server components to process data. Data Import is compatible with Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.5 and higher, and also Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.1 v5.3 and higher.

Primary features of Data Import include:

  • Obtain CSVs via SFTP, FTPS, web site, or manual upload
  • Map CSVs to Ed-Fi API endpoints and map CSV columns to Ed-Fi attributes
  • Populate CSV row data into an Ed-Fi ODS / API based on mappings
  • View import job status and other details


The Data Import tool is licensed through the Apache 2.0 license.


Documentation for Data Import is available online.