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The Ed-Fi Community consists of people representing every area of the education technology sector. This includes educators, leaders of education organizations, technologists, analysts, researchers, and others — all of whom volunteer their time and expertise to improve outcomes for students. Significantly, the community is the guiding force behind the governance of the standards and technology published by the Alliance. Ed-Fi governance is effective because leaders representing every area of the education technology spectrum volunteer their time and expertise to determine topics of interest and the best way to solve problems.

This article collects links to information, including how to get involved with the Ed-Fi Community and governance work.

Primary Resources

General Community Information

If you're new to the Ed-Fi Community, the following are a few good resources to get oriented:

The Ed-Fi Alliance is an open and welcoming community of practitioners. The Tao of  About the Ed-Fi Alliance is a good initial read, including the Contributor Code of Conduct to which we hold all community members.

Governance Overview & Working Sites

The Ed-Fi Governance site (free Ed-Fi account required) is the main hub for all matters related to Ed-Fi Governance. The Governance site is also the home for our Community Work Groups.

Educator Preparation

The Ed-Fi Alliance hosts a community of practice around educator preparation and related data.