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The TPDM Work Group is now the Educator Preparation Work Group. Read more about the name change We're renaming TPDM, here's why


The Educator Preparation Work Group is an established entity within the Ed-Fi Governance structure and is intended to enhance the use of the Ed-Fi data model and technology by educator preparation organizations as well as education agencies at the state and local level.

This community-led Work Group aims to help improve educator preparation programs across the country through data interoperability using the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Technology Suite. The main purpose of the work group is to represent the perspectives of the educator  preparation community (higher ed, professional development organizations, SEAs, LEAs, vendors and thought leaders) to the Ed-Fi Governance processes with the purpose of making the Ed-Fi data and technology standards more widely adopted and used. The TPDM Work Group may make recommendations through the Ed-Fi Governance processes about investment in the Ed-Fi product roadmap and business strategies. 

The organizing charter for this work group can be found here.



  • Meeting notes are published under the Work Group Meetings sections.
  • Collaborative documents are managed in a TPDM Google Docs folder (members should request access as needed).
  • Documentation for the educator preparation data model and technology can be found on the Educator Preparation Provider site.